SEO is and always has been, an ever-evolving beast that is in constant motion. Just when you think you’ve got your site up to speed with all the latest standards, things change and you have to get to work again. Over the last decade or so, pundits have said that SEO is dead when the truth is that only the old school methods for carrying out SEO have died.

Even though SEO is dynamic in nature, there are still plenty of opportunities available to achieve success with your search engine optimisation. Here are a few ways you can maintain your SEO standings so your site ranks high and your traffic continues to flow.

Keep Your Site Updated

Because the search engines take both your content and the freshness of that content into consideration when deciding where to rank your site, it’s very important to keep your site updated with fresh content. Today, it takes more than just plain text to please the search engines as they now want more videos and images posted on sites. This is to satisfy the experience of your site visitors and encourage others to link to your site.

Every few months, take some time to look your site over. Is there something you can do to optimise how your content is laid out so your bounce rate drops and your visitors stick around longer to engage with you? If you see you have a lot of text only, take the time to add some relevant photos, infographics, and videos to your content to please your readers and the search engines that crawl your pages.

Boost Your Site’s Speed

For a long time, site speed is a ranking factor in search. These days, your site needs to load quickly both on desktops and mobile devices since more and more people are visiting the internet on smartphones and tablets. It’s recommended by Google to have a page load time of less than one second for mobile devices, which is lightning fast. If you can’t get the mobile version of your site pages to load that quickly, at least speed them up as much as you can because every fraction of a second counts. Here are a few ways you can get your websites’ pages to load more quickly:

  • Use a speedier, more reliable hosting service
  • Make your images smaller
  • Make sure you don’t have syntax errors and broken links
  • Use a content delivery network to boost download speeds

Continue Building Backlinks

One of the best ways to maintain your keyword rank is to expand your backlinks to all the pages on your website. This will help your site look authoritative to Google, and your users as well. When trying to get backlinks, the key is quality rather than quantity. You should strive to gain backlinks from very reputable sources and not just links from any site. Google can tell if you’re gaining backlinks at an unreasonable pace so don’t go too fast.

There are many great ways to get quality backlinks like:

  • Offering to replace broken links on other websites with your own
  • Posting infographics your visitors are likely to share
  • Guest blogging
  • Writing testimonials and reviews

Strengthen Your Social Media Presence

The search engines look at all the major social media platforms as authority brands. This is why it’s good practice to get some links from these networks to help the search engines determine how relevant your site is when crawling it. To make your social media presence stronger, stay focused on posting interesting and relevant content people are likely to share. As you continue to do this, you may see a nice boost in your rankings over the long-term, making all that time and effort pay off. Just remember to engage with your followers by answering questions and responding to comments.

There’s no doubt that SEO will always be evolving. Instead of complaining that SEO never stays the same, or worse yet, giving up, get busy and do the work it takes to ensure your site ranks high and your traffic continues flowing in! You should continuously be looking to progress your SEO strategy.